All you need is better life

1st February 2016


The next big thing isn’t one thing. It’s lots of small things. Sensor embedded in clothes multiplying the efficiency of your every move and jewlery you can control from your smartphone app to change the design in an instant. Smart accessories that measure your performance, feed the scientist data about the environment and even let you “google” the whereabouts of everyday itemns such as your keys. 

At the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup in Munich, Team Lupo had the great opportunity to hear first-hand what is happening in the connected world. Our daily life has become accelerated by the use of smart technology. With over 66% of the UK adult population now using a smart phone, we are becoming a smartphone society. With new hardware and software coming out, algorithms being developed to make wearable tech even more efficient, we are looking forward to exciting times and technologies set to make our lives more connected.

Some love, some fear it. You may laugh about them or admire them. They come in all shapes and sizes. Wearable Technology is upon us. From the smart sunglass the shade of which you control from your phone to the medical tracker linking you up to stay abreast of your health status, feeding in your data to the doctor. Inevitably, we see the internet of everything taking over. 

Start building your own Internet of Everything; connect your keys, bags, etc. Basically anything you can’t find in the morning or absolutely don’t want to lose. Track and find it all from your smartphone with LUPO.

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