Join the Xupo community

With Xupo you aren’t just connected to keys or laptop, you are also connected to other members of the Xupo community.

Bluetooth Smart ™ technology means Xupo can help find your belongings even if they are out of range of your device. You can trigger a crowd search by sending a signal to all Xupo app users. If anyone is close to your item you get an update.


Never worry about losing your valuables again…


Having a nightmare and can’t find your keys? Don’t worry, as long as you have your Xupo attached we can help!

Simply tap into our community section in the app and other Xupo users will help to find your keys.

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Use your phone to track where you left your keys. No stress, no panic simply tap into your Xupo.

Free app available for iOS and Android

Download the free app for your iPhone or Android phone
and discover all the things your Xupo can do.