What is Xupo®?

Xupo is a Bluetooth® LE sensor that helps to locate your valuables with a smartphone app.

Find-It: Tap the Xupo icon on your screen to ring your Xupo
Call-It: Press button on Xupo to find your phone
Map-It: The feature auto activates whenever your Xupo goes out of range unless you have disabled it.

Troubleshooting Xupo

If you ever encounter a problem, please first check:
1. You have a compatible device: iPhone 4S and up with iOS 8.0 and up. Android 4.4 and up. Not all Android handsets are tested, we welcome your feedback in Xupo Beta.
2. You have Bluetooth turned ON and it was connected/ ON when any Xupo went out of sight.
3. You have Location Services enabled for Xupo.
4. You have the correct app. Only ‘Xupo Locator App’ connects with Xupo.

Still have a problem?

Have you tried our 3-step troubleshoot checklist?
1. Reset Bluetooth: Turn Bluetooth ‘off and on’ on your phone/ tablet.
2. Reset App: Force close the app and then re-open again.
3. Reset Hardware: Reset Xupo device before connecting again with app.

How do I reset Xupo?
On Xupo press and hold the button for 10 sec. only when Xupo is ‘disconnected’ till you see a red LED flash. This indicates reset was successful.

How to restart App?
Visit task manager and close application depends on your device type. Here is a simple Wikihow guide for iOS and Android devices.
Finally, try to reboot your phone/ tablet by turning it off and on again and try re-connecting.

Report an Issue:
You will find the Contact Us option through the ‘Menu’ setting within your app. Fill in as much detail and background info. as you can, so our engineer can help with the diagnosis. Your device id is included when you send us a log report.
You can reach our App Development Team at: [email protected]

Lupo LED lights:
What do they mean?

GREEN – Connected
RED – Disconnected
Orange – Ready to pair

Press button on Xupo you’ll see the LED blink once. If the LEDs do not blink you may have a Xupo with a dead battery, plz. contact us.

I would like to transfer my Xupo to another phone. How?
Disconnect Xupo in the app.
Select the Xupo you wish to remove.
In the settings menu: select Edit
In the top right: select “Remove”
Make sure to do this when your Xupo is in range and connected.

Can the volume on Xupo be adjusted?
Xupo is configured to have a volume output up to 85dB outlet face up, which is approx. maximum Bluetooth tracker in the market today can offer. Currently adjusting the volume is not possible but we are always working on such updates.

What is the typical range of Xupo indoor and outdoor?
The range configuration of Xupo is typical of Bluetooth range operating at 0 dBm output power. The lab tested range is 30 meters + and in ideal no noise/ zero RF environment can be up to 50 meters. The range indoors is affected by various parameters eg. presence of WiFi, microwave to concrete walls. The indoor range can be ca. 10 meters (min. in LOS); which is typical of Bluetooth 4.0 products in the market today.
My Xupo app is not showing me the map feature.
The app automatically picks up on whether you are in vicinity of your Xupo. If you are, tap the round Xupo icon to make the Xupo ring. If you aren’t, tap the icon to find on the map where the last known location was where you had your Xupo nearby.

App indicates Xupo is “Not nearby”. How do I find my Xupo?
If your app says “Out of Range”, it means your Xupo is outside of the area in which your phone can detect it. The best way to find your Xupo is to find the Last Place Seen location and start your search there.

Can my Xupo app update the location when out of range?
Xupo marks last seen location as described earlier. It utilise the phone’s network and time-stamp GPS to offer a low cost solution with extremely long battery life. It is a Bluetooth proximity sensor not a GPS tracker (which is expensive and needs subscription) enabling your app to record events based on proximity to your or even someone else device in the Crowd Tracking network. The community search is a fall back option if Xupo moved out of the last known area. Get in touch with us to activate it for your device.

Changing the battery 
You can easily replace the CR2016 battery: carefully open the Xupo along the side at the one o’clock position from the feedthrough hole and remove the PCB; ensure right polarity and re-insert the PCB in the same position.

General Information & Safety Instructions

  • Never throw batteries into a fire or expose to excessive heat sources.
  • If batteries are swallowed, please seek immediate medical attention.
  • Always ensure correct +/- battery polarity when installing batteries.
  • Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment contains materials, parts and substances, which can be dangerous to the environment and harmful to human and animal health if the waste of electrical and electronic equipment is not disposed of correctly.
  • Xupos should not be thrown away with your household waste. Contact your local authority waste disposal department, as they will be able to provide details of the recycling options available in your area.