Find and secure anything
from your smartphone.


Find it

Ring and find your Xupo


Call it

Ring your phone from Xupo


Map it

Find lost items on a map using community tracking

How Xupo works

The Xupo app records a GPS time stamp when you leave something behind – so you can retrieve it faster.

Just trigger a crowd search which sends out a signal to all Xupo app users and if any of them is close to y our lost item you get an update.


Snap it

Take the perfect selfie


Unlock it

Additional features are available for download

For all the stuff you love

Keys, wallet, phone and xupo…
With the Xupo smart bluetooth tracker you can keep tabs on all your favourite things. Don’t leave home without it.

Free app available for iOS and Android

Download the free app for your iPhone or Android phone
and discover all the things your Xupo can do.

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