Find it

Can’t find something? Don’t lose your head or the things you love. With Xupo Smart Bluetooth tracker you can locate anything with your smartphone. Tap to find your Xupo.

Xupo Keys Test

Call it

Stop wasting time looking for your phone. Call it with Xupo and find it in seconds.


Map it

With Xupo app you can check the last seen location of  anything you lost and extend your search with the Xupo community. The Xupo app records a GPS time stamp when an item goes missing.

location tracker

Unlock it

Say it. And let us add it on. Using the Xupo app is like being on a journey together with a community. You tell us what you like, or don’t like. We unlock new features for us all as we ride.

Snap it.  Take the perfect selfie/ groupie, this is your first free unlocked feature. Click it in style and share it with the world or just your close ones.

Earn it. Your activities in the Xupo community earns you community points. Once you get the app check out your perks and rewards with #myxupo

Express yourself with Xupo!


Snap it

Take the perfect selfie


Unlock it

+ Additional features available for download


Join the Xupo community

With Xupo you aren’t just connected to keys or laptop, you are also connected to other members of the Xupo community.

Bluetooth Smart ™ technology means Xupo can help find your belongings even if they are out of range of your device. You can trigger a crowd search by sending a signal to all Xupo app users. If anyone is close to your item you get an update.

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Download our Xupo app

Get the most out of Xupo with the Xupo app. Use it to connect your Xupo to your belongings
– and to unlock other features, including Snap it. And, that’s just the start.


“The finding your device option is cool, but not really what captures our interest. What we like is the ability to control your device, not just find it.”
– Phonecruncher

“Powerful enough to keep you in touch with your items, lock your laptop, sound an alarm to prevent thieves from stealing your belongings and much more.”

a versatile item finder that’s also a security solution and a Bluetooth remote controller for smartphones and other devices.

“a great nifty gadget with bags of potential”
– Made Brave