La French Tech

7th October 2016


Tech is great – and it’s moving fast everywhere. In the UK we get a good deal of gadgetry when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). 


Team LUPO had a look around in Lyon, together with the Scottish delegation of a DIT (formerly UKTI) to get an insight in the world of French Tech. We thought of France as the fifth biggest economy in the world, third largest export destination for Scotland, culturally similar to Scotland and dear neighbour. And did you know that France is the largest tourism destination in the world? 


What we don’t hear much about outside France, though, is the French Tech. French Tech is an accreditation awarded to French cities recognized for their startup ecosystem. It is also a name used by technologically innovative French businesses throughout the world. The French Tech aims to provide a strong common visual identity to French startups as well as to promote entrepreneurial exchanges between them. As you know, Team LUPO earned its early spores at Entrepreneurial Spark, so naturally, we love the concept and got in touch with some of the start-ups at Tuba Lyon, a place to enable users to test tomorrow’s services and participate in their improvement; They accompany, host, and assist project developers in the development of their services. Btw, if you love AirBnB and hate looking for a parking space, you should take a look at CoPark


The France market visit is the ideal opportunity for Scottish companies to learn about the French market, particularly for us, as we’re relatively new to exporting. SDI and DIT connected us with government agencies, the Franco-British Business club in Lyon, and of course technofiles.


We loved France so much and see such a great community there that we’re really psyched to have launched LUPO on AMAZON.FR


On our travels we always have at least one moment where we are glad to have a LUPO on everything (passport, travel bag, wallet, laptop, luggage, keys, …) and this time everything went beautifully smooth, thanks to LUPO, helping us find the passports quickly, so we could make it to the transit in time and ultimately have a great journey. 


So, if you travel frequently, do get a LUPO.