One easy life hack to find all your everyday items

15th July 2016


Are you tired of not finding the things you know are “here somewhere”, house keys are a classic? Do you lose your shit every time you leave something behind somewhere and can’t remember where? If so, then you’re going to want to read every word of this life hack article.
You see, we at Team LUPO used to be just like you. We started out trying to have specific places for everyday items, hoping this would make it faster to find them – and it worked for a while. But success kept eluding us. We kept making mistakes (even though we didn’t understand they were mistakes at the time). Seems like keeping track of things that matter was always just out of reach.

Maybe you can relate. See if any of these sound familiar to you:

You really need to be on time, say for a class, meeting, work, date, etc., but you can’t in the world find your keys and they’re not on the hook by the door. Sometimes those elusive buggers have fallen under the sofa, ended up in a grocery bag, or are somewhere deep in your bag or jacket pocket.

You wish there was some mind trick or tool or gadget or even an app or just something that could help you find what you’re looking for… a bit like those gadgets of the 90s where you were supposed to whistle to find them but it never worked.

Frustration, embarrassment, blaming your partner (or being blamed), all the way to bad vibes at work – we’ve heard it all, and statistics show that this first world problem affects every single household.
If you can agree to any of the above points, then I have some wonderful news…
Now you too can keep your shit together – guaranteed!
So we came up with this. Introducing LUPO the quick and easy way to find physical items right from your phone.

 Imagine you can’t find your keys. Now, if they’re tagged with coin-sized LUPO, you simply call them from your LUPO App (iPhone and Android) and if it’s nearby you follow the sound and look out for the flashing light. LUPO. Found.

Left your purse somewhere or can’t remember where you parked your car? No problem .  LUPO is like “find my iPhone” for everything that’s not your iPhone.  When you leave something tagged with LUPO behind, your phone creates a GPS time stamp and shows you how to get there using Google Maps.

“OK”, you say, “but what if I can’t find my phone?” Simple: LUPO has a button, by clicking which you can make your phone ring if it’s nearby.

Speaking of the button: we designed it so it lets you take a selfie remotely using the LUPO selfie feature. Why? Because we can.
Check it out here: or get it directly on Amazon (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES)