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user: JackJack

I lose my keys a lot. My wife loses her keys a lot. If my daughter was old enough to have keys, she would lose them a lot. So, I’ve used a lot of key trackers in my time, most recently the “Find One Find All” (too bulky), the Tile (non-replaceable battery, aargh), and this.

The Lupo is a coin-sized fob with a hole for a keyring. It feels pretty solid. There are holes at the back so you can hear the speaker inside, and a little button at the front. Pretty straightforward. To make it work you need a Bluetooth 4.0 phone (anything after the iPhone 4S, or any Android phone from the past few years onwards), and you need to download a tracker app called “Lupo Tracker” from the Apple or Google App Store.

The tracker app is mercifully very simple. You hold down the Lupo’s button to begin, and the app automatically does the rest for you. There’s capacity for the app to track multiple Lupo fobs, but you can’t do it the other way round (that is, my wife can’t use her phone to find a fob paired with my phone). That’s one area where this has a disadvantage versus the Tile.

Once paired, you get a little one-line location status for the fob (eg: “nearby”), and the option to “call my Lupo”. The call button makes the fob beep in an old-skool Casio style.

The other options are to make the fob beep as soon as it goes out of range with your phone, or to show the last-known location on a map. There’s no GPS in the fob: the app actually shows the GPS location that your phone was in when it was last in contact with the fob.

So is it any good? Well, yes, for a few very important reasons:
– It works
– It’s easy to use (high wife-acceptance factor)
– It doesn’t add any significant bulk to your keyring
– Uses a standard, easily replaceable battery

Very pleased with this. The manufacturer provided a free sample for review, but I liked it so much that I ordered a second one, so this review is of the one I bought. If it turns out to be as durable as it looks, then I might well be getting a few more.

Fantastic product…. useful for more than just keys!

user: Cycylinglover720

I have been using my 3 LUPO’s Over the last week and they are simply fantastic, the feature that logs the location where your device last was + the audible ring allow for the perfect two stage tracking system. I intend to add a LUPO to my laptop bag and DSLR Bag as well. Given the cost of the device and the amount of time I think this will save me e.g 10 mins a week * 52 = 8 + hours a year. Overall a fantastic time-saving / financial investment.

The quality of the product overall is good and despite it being plastic it’s a very good quality plastic with a good finish. Would highly reccomend 5*

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