The evolution of the wireless Bluetooth Smart key tracker

14th February 2017


Raj Sark Founder of Connect In Ltd writes about the evolution of the wireless Bluetooth key tracker.

We started the company with a mission to develop tracking tags to help you find your car keys.  If only one customer out of a hundred does that then we’ve succeeded.  We want to be the number one smart solution to help people find their stuff.

Let’s talk about the evolution of the location tracker tag – only three years ago they didn’t exist, and the first ones that did come out were chunky lumps of plastic with a battery that lasted a day or two.  They started with the whistle key finder which might ring, but was often were triggered by accident.

We’re in the 21st century and we decided to create a Bluetooth tracker that has an app – Xupo – a smart tracker that has a sixth sense.  Even when your mind is switched off, Xupo is working for you to find your stuff.  You can track your keys, wallet, your bag, and find their last know coordinates on a map.  It can save you time, save you money and maybe even save the day!

The idea originated when a close friend of mine [who was already good at losing stuff] lost a brand new iPhone.  I thought to myself “Shouldn’t there be a solution for this?”

The Xupo has evolved over the years, as has the tracker in general.  Xupo relates to your sixth sense, from the Latin word Xupos – the Lupine family – the dog, the wolf.  A sixth sense that these animals have that we don’t.

Originally the device was planned to raise an alert if you left something behind, so if you left your luggage at London Heathrow, you would be alerted on your smartphone then and there.  People wanted that concept, but the technology just wasn’t there.  So instead it records the last known location where you left it.

People started using it to find their car keys first thing in the morning.  Beyond that then there’s the wallet and the travel bag.  It’s not just about the cash you lose when you lose a wallet or purse – it’s the pain and hassle of having to replace everything in there.

Its worse with your smartphone – think about it: you have your life in that device.  Your phone contacts, all your music, the unique irreplaceable photographs, all your texts, never mind the apps you use every day.  A huge amount of data is on there, some of which will be backed up, some of it won’t.

Think of it like insurance – we never think about it until you lose it.  And no one cares about the premium the day after the fire.

The technology continues to move forward.  Xupo will have added extras, extra small size,  four times the power, a crowd finding feature, and a feedback mechanism so customers can tell us what they what.

You will soon be able to unlock bonus add-ons based on how much you engage with the community.  You see it’s not just about connecting devices – it’s also about connecting people.  How crowd finding works – when you download the app, you can also help other people find their lost stuff.  Let’s say you left your wallet behind in a pub somewhere, and there’s a Xupo wallet tracker tucked inside.  If another member of the community comes into proximity of your device, the app will update the new location and discretely inform you where your item is.  And the finder gets rewarded with points that can be redeemed at our store.

If you share posts on social media, you also earn points, and those can be redeemed as well.  Ultimately you can have a Xupo on your child, your keys, your bag and your passport.  Track your girlfriend for free!  But think also mountain rescue, finding a lost drone, or a lost pet.

The small things are the next big thing.