The internet of YOUR things

8th April 2016


Ever since our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, at least once a year, a new LUPO comes out in a bid to bring the world new ground breaking personal location trackers. This year, an upgraded version with improved features including the app, setting standards in reliability and over-the air updates, and unparalleled battery life of at least one year fast launched at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. Using improved composite materials and a new range of metallic finishes (as seen in VOGUE), LUPO, developed in Britain, continues to lead the market in terms of size, functionality and battery life.

The LUPO community has been growing steadily, meaning that it now gives improved crowd sourced tracking support.


The world is going mobile, and with 66% of Brits now using a smartphone, the personal Internet of Things and Location of Things will soon become mainstream terms.


2016 has seen two LUPO updates already, the second being the LUPO Drop, build around an enhanced user interface with a more prominent button for additional features such triggering the camera on the user’s smartphone – a feature consistently found in LUPO since the first release. With a louder alarm and improved ergonomics, as well as a larger battery capacity, LUPO Drop combines world renown LUPO technology with community-driven inputs to further improve the experience. Team LUPO plans to release additional Apps for smartwatches including Pebble, Apple watch and Android Gear and even MacOS.


With the new upgrades to LUPO we have truly mastered the Bluetooth tracker, innovating both hardware and software for wearable technologies – bringing proudly British cutting edge gadgetry.


To allow us further expand the LUPO network, we call on the experience of everybody.


Join LUPO Club now to become our beta tester for new app releases and give us feedback on Amazon and your respective app store to spread the word.