The New Element

22nd February 2017


Every day, we wake up in a world more connected than before, with mobile technology expanding our minds and extending our physical capacities. We can use these capacities to achieve great things, connect not just digitally; return to connecting with people, help others, have more time for the things that matter. The Internet of Things is going to be THE big thing at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Xupo by Connect-In will be right there, showcasing Scottish innovation, supported by Scottish Development International.

From the very first SmartTag prototype in 2012 over the Lupo crowd-funded on Kickstarter in 2013 to the latest Physical Web integrated Bluetooth5-ready Xupo, Connect-In has always pursued the accelerating, world-opening phenomenon that is the IoT. You might wonder whether the world needs another Bluetooth Key Finder – but Xupo is more than that, offering additional content and, soon, physical web integration. With the aim to connect to empower, Team Xupo innovates to connect by building a network of people open to letting technology link and protect the things that matter, ultimately aiming for sustainability in progress and growth with the environment in mind.

key tracker

Build the Internet of YOUR Personal Things with Xupo

At MWC, Xupo will be joining leading and up-and-coming UK technology and mobile companies among global innovators in the pursuit of not making life simpler but freeing up your resources for things that really matter, starting by saving time looking for things you know are here somewhere – which now you can simply find from your phone using Xupo.

We are excited to present our latest updates and unlockable content, and we aim to bring you our own solution integrated with The Physical Web, a discovery service powered by Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. Smart objects broadcast relevant URLs that any nearby device can receive, meaning you can get useful content via URLs.

This year’s MWC will be held under the motto “the new element” – and we at Team Xupo are ready to embrace it. Pre-order Xupo now and contribute to new system improvements.