Transcendence through smart key tracker technology

14th February 2017


Vincenz Klemt Chief Optimism Officer of Connect In Ltd.

I’ve always been interested in technology, especially the idea of connecting the items that we use every day.  Also the smartphone – it’s the gateway to what we call IOT – the internet of things, and that’s what we want to take advantage of, to improve your life and make you more efficient.

According to recent research, the average person loses ten minutes per day looking for things “you know are here somewhere.”  Think of the ramifications of that. You misplaced your car keys in the morning and you were late for work.  You shouted at a colleague because now you’re stressed.  Now there’s a negative attitude in your workplace and that comes back on you, affecting you and everyone around you – all because you couldn’t find your car keys this morning.

You lose your shit, and then you’ve lost everything.  Interconnected tech can solve all that, and the smartphone is now in 70% of people’s pockets.

From the reviews, tweets and thank you emails that we’ve gotten the feedback we’re getting is the time saving aspect of Xupo, and the peace of mind of having a key tracker to tell you where you left something.  Xupo’s location tracker creates  a time stamped GPS location of where you left something, so you can go back and check the CCTV, you can ask the bar owner if they saw your jacket.  That gives you peace of mind and we’re quite proud of that.

This is enabling technology.  Tech is an extension of our mind and our body.  On average we look at our smartphones 2000 times a week – you can see where you left something.  Over time we will overcome forgetfulness.  Your smartphone is typically within a metre of your body 24/7.  You leave the house with three things – your wallet, your keys and your phone.  Xupo can be your unobtrusive wallet tracker.  Eventually we won’t be using money, because all of your finances will be handled by your phone.  Perhaps keys will all be electronic too.  So that leaves just the smartphone.

Through the Xupo app, you can find your keys, your bag, your laptop, but the app is built to expand into so much more.  Your smartphone is becoming irreplaceable, and we’re going to make it unforgettable.  The Bluetooth tracker and app are your sixth sense.

Where is all of this going?  Well, technology for humans is part of evolution.  We’ve had the wheel, fire, the steam engine.  On that we can keep building.  We are growing exponentially.  We can free up resources in our mind and save time that would be otherwise wasted.  This is technology enabling us to spend more time on the things that matter – more human things like family and hobbies.

Remember the first mobile phones in the 80’s. Those big bricks.  Xupo is currently a small plastic and metal tracking tag  the size of a coin.  Eventually it will be a flexible sticker with a flexible circuit, only 1mm thick.  Some dog trackers are implanted under the skin.

The general public is very good at finding applications or uses of the tech that the developers never thought of.  Xupo was deliberately developed with an open Software Development Kit so that other developers can build and integrate with our platform.  You will be able to call your dog back with your phone.  Look out for

We’re already doing selfies with Xupo, and we will have an app locker where users can unlock additional applications depending on how active they are in the Xupo community.  Sharing on social media, referring friends to us, crowd finding other people’s items.  The more you participate the more the tech enables you.