Xupo® By Connect-In To Change How We Keep Track Of Personal Belongings

24th February 2017


xupoWho doesn’t know that sinking feeling when you’re looking for something you know exactly is “here somewhere” – keys are a classic. Now, connected technology offers a solution.

Every day, we wake up in a world more connected than before, with mobile technology expanding our minds and extending our physical capacities. We can use these capacities to achieve great things, connect not just digitally; return to connecting with people, help others, have more time for the things that matter.

The Internet of Things is going to be THE big thing at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Xupo by Connect-In will be right there, showcasing Scottish innovation, supported by Scottish Development International. At MWC 2017, Team Xupo, who convinced on BBC’s Dragon’s Den in January, joins leading technology and mobile companies among global innovators in the pursuit of not making life simpler but freeing up your resources for things that really matter, starting by saving time looking for things you know are here somewhere – which now you can simply find from your phone using Xupo.

Building on the international success of the Lupo Smart Location Platform, Connect-In introduces its new and improved line, Xupo – giving every-day items the power of Smart Location, helping you build your own internet of everything. Xupo combines three nifty features: find, call, and map your items.

Connect-In with the aim to “connect to empower”, has announced new moves in the consumer and enterprise segments of the wireless personal xupolocation market.

Solving the age-old problem of having to find your keys when in a rush and wasting time and money in the quest for misplaced items, Lupo was vastly successful since 2013, with users across the globe.

Now, supporting Bluetooth 5, improved range and power management, interface and functionality, Xupo is on the verge of claiming its share in the Bluetooth item tracker market, currently in its early growth phase and estimated at $1Bn in 2017.

Sticking with its user replaceable battery in the product, the Company stays true to its mission to connect to empower by bringing innovative solutions, building a connected community through sustainable technology. With a brand new look and built on the three-year matured Lupo stack, Xupo is meant to take its U.S. competition head-on, now offering additional features to unlock.

bluetooth tracking tagSince its first crowdfunding campaign, Connect-In has been providing a fully developed and open SDK as part of their open API strategy, allowing for the integration of their stack into third party products and app infrastructures.
Xupo, like its predecessor, offers audio-visual feedback on the device allowing you to call it when nearby and a map location feature marking the last known location of a misplaced item, helping you find it faster. Connect-In, who owns the patent on the ever-so vital crowd tracking feature giving you the power of GPS on a coin-sized device running on a replaceable 1-year battery at the price of $25, sees a bright future in Bluetooth connected personal location tracking, powered by Bluetooth 5.


Featuring a user-replaceable battery gives Xupo another clear advantage.

xupo“This year’s MWC will be held under the motto ‘the new element’ – and we are ready to embrace it. With new investment on the horizon”, Co-Founder/COO Vincenz Klemt states, “Connect-In is on-track to developing the next system of Bluetooth Smart systems with the smartphone as the gateway to your IoT”, and founding CEO Raj Sark looks forward to having “Bluetooth 5 ready Xupo expand the community-sourced tracking feature.”